Package org.axonframework.commandhandling.disruptor

Class Summary
BlacklistDetectingCallback<R> Wrapper for command handler Callbacks that detects blacklisted aggregates and starts a cleanup process when an aggregate is blacklisted.
CommandHandlerInvoker Component of the DisruptorCommandBus that invokes the command handler.
CommandHandlingEntry DataHolder for the DisruptorCommandBus.
CommandHandlingEntry.Factory Factory class for CommandHandlingEntry instances.
DisruptorCommandBus Asynchronous CommandBus implementation with very high performance characteristics.
DisruptorConfiguration Configuration object for the DisruptorCommandBus.
DisruptorUnitOfWork Specialized UnitOfWork instance for the DisruptorCommandBus.
EventPublisher Component of the DisruptorCommandBus that stores and publishes events generated by the command's execution.
SerializerHandler Disruptor Event Handler that serializes EventMessage implementations that are also SerializationAware.

Exception Summary
AggregateBlacklistedException Exception indicating that an aggregate has been blacklisted by the DisruptorCommandBus.
AggregateStateCorruptedException Exception indicating that the changes in an aggregate (generated events) are ignored by the DisruptorCommandBus, because it cannot guarantee that these changes have been applied to an aggregate instance with the correct state.

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